Portfolio summary

Academic publications

4. Master 2 Global E-business and Artificial Intelligence @ University of Lille

πŸ“” Business ethics analysis β€” Google

πŸ“” Subnet networking

πŸ“” Culture and intercultural management

πŸ“” Artificial neural networks

πŸ“” ERD for MEP construction company

πŸ“” How do fingerprints scanners work?

3. Master 1 International Management and Commerce @ University of Lille

πŸ“” International competitiveness analysis for Denmark

πŸ“” How to fail your exam β€” The foolproof guide to help you get just where you want to be!

πŸ“” What would North Korea gain from globalization?

2. Bachelor of Corporate Catering @ ISTHIA Toulouse

πŸ“” Les alimentations particuliΓ¨res (available in French, meaning Special dining regimes) β€” Tutored project

πŸ“” History of corporate catering for companies

πŸ“” Limiter les dΓ©chets des cantines scolaires β€” 9 conseils prat iques pour modifier le comportement des Γ©lΓ¨ves (Limitation of food wastage by means of consumers’ behaviors)

πŸ“” CrΓ©ation d’entreprise β€” Food start-up plan

1. Bachelor of Professional Communication @ RMIT Vietnam

πŸ“” “Asian values” and the case of Singapore

πŸ“” Role of the media in the nation-building process of Malaysia

πŸ“” Plan: Balloons Parade for Southeast Asia – Nha Trang 2016

πŸ“” Service Excellence, or Service = Excellence?

πŸ“” It’s All About Grace, always

πŸ“” Analysis of the TVC β€œSmoking Kid” using Social Cognitive Theory

πŸ“” Young Vietnamese adults’ motivation for engagement on Facebook fan pages

πŸ“” Enemies of trust: internal & external

Entertainment publications

🎭 How should a lady behave in love?

Competitions publications

πŸ†“Cham va bien” Creativity Contest 2011

Other activities

🌎 Global development summit 2011