Les alimentations particulières

September 2018 — Bachelor of Corporate Catering and Engineering @ISTHIA


  • Conduct a 6-month research project on food sociology with 3 fellow classmates under the supervision of Professor Frédéric ZANCANARO, Vice President of ISTHIA.


  • Researched and reviewed literature data acquired from (1) information measurement firms and organizations — Nielsen, Harris Interactive, Kantar World Panel, INSEE, etc. and (2) publications of world-renown researchers — Jean Pierre Poulain (President of ISTHIA), Claude Fischler, etc.;
  • Formulated hypotheses on the theme of various dining regimes based on a literature review;
  • Conducted field studies:
  • Interviewed expert Haruka Ueda — Doctorate in Agricultural Economy about various aspects of this theme;
  • Interviewed expatriate restaurant owners in France;
  • Analyzed field studies data and compared them against formulated hypotheses;
  • Transcribed interviews conducted in English;
  • Translated required elements in English;
  • Proof-read the project several times;
  • Edited the final work in French based on recommendations from reviewers;
  • Successfully conducted a research project of 6 months despite group work difficulties;
  • The project was finally chosen to be published on the website of ISTHIA here: Les mémoires et projets tutorés de l’ISTHIA/Année du mémoire: 2018/Niveau du mémoire: LP/Les alimentations particulières.

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