Port of Dunkirk visit

On October 23rd, 2019, I had a chance to visit the famous port of Dunkirk (Porte de Dunkerque in French) located in the North Sea.

Dunkirk is the northernmost city in France and is the country’s third-largest harbor. Our guide told us that French Flemish, a Dutch variety, used to be commonly spoken in this city.

The whole port area was huge, spanning over 17km of frontage and 7000 hectares in total (we had to tour the area by bus!). The older Eastern Port can accommodate smaller ships, while the modern Western Port can welcome bigger ships of 22 meters of draft. Just one and a half hours’ sailing time from here is the world’s busiest seaway.

Being close to the English port of Dover (40km), Belgium (10km), and Lille, the Port of Dunkirk is an ideal position for the supply chain of the Brussels-London-Paris triangle.

Dunkirk was also a battlefront during World War II. Dunkirk is a movie by Christopher Nolan to learn more about this historic place.

I would like to thank all members of the Master’s program for giving me this inspirational experience!





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