Copywriting Intern
May 2015 – Aug 2015 – 4 months

Jodric LLP. is a limited liability partnership firm focusing on providing sales and marketing solutions for banking, finance, property development, and construction sectors in Vietnam. –

– Concept creation for a Jodric ACE Team blog;

– Translation of Vietnamese promotion materials to English and vice versa for various projects (MasterCard, New Hoian City, etc.).

– Translated 200+ pages of promotion materials within 3 months;

– Collaborated with 2 fellow members of copywriting team and Jodric director to conceptualize blogging creation in 1 month;

– Utilized WordPress and Google Analytics for SEO optimization;

– Managed blog publishing cycle and published Jodric ACE Team’s blog after 2 months of preparation;

– Composed 54 articles on Finance, Banking, Real Estate, and Productivity for Jodric ACE Team’s blog;

– Company’s portfolio:

Student Ambassador
RMIT University Vietnam
Aug 2013 – Apr 2015 – 1 year 9 months

Student Ambassadors are RMIT students who are passionate about their RMIT experience and keen to represent RMIT at a range of activities and events. –

– Being an Ambassador of Bachelor of Professional Communications and introduce the program to visitors and students.

– Being a representative of RMIT in 2 important annual events: Orientation Welcome Day and Open Day.

– Took on the role of an MC in welcoming programs for 5000+ high school students to RMIT University Vietnam;

– Acted as a judge to evaluate 20+ performances of high school students in creativity contests;

– Guided high school students and their parents around campus;

– Introduced the program Bachelor of Professional Communications to visitors.


Marketing Manager of The Student Council
RMIT University Vietnam
Oct 2013 – Oct 2014 – 1 year

The RMIT University Vietnam Student Council (SC) is the key advocate for all RMIT University Vietnam students. The SC represents all RMIT Vietnam students in matters that concern students’ interests, rights, education experience, personal welfare, social life, and cultural activities. The SC acts as a conduit for communications between students and the University, to ensure the student’s voice is heard and noticed in all matters. –

– Brand image management and crisis management for RMIT University Vietnam Student Council;

– Management of Student Council’s Facebook page;

– Management and execution of Neon Noël, the biggest on-campus entertainment event for RMIT University Vietnam students.

– Created a 2-month IMC plan to promote Neon Noël, the biggest on-campus entertainment event in 2013 for RMIT University Vietnam students;

– Managed and scheduled English and Vietnamese posts for the Facebook page of RMIT University Vietnam Student Council in 2 months;

– Increased the number of “likes” for the RMIT University Vietnam Student Council by 150 in 9 days;

– Increased fans’ engagement by 300%+ in 1 month;

– Gathered 257 online registrations for the event in 10 days;

– Event link:

– Earned the Platinum Honorary Credential for having made a valuable contribution to the success of the operation of RMIT University Vietnam Student Council and the enrichment of RMIT Vietnam community in the most enthusiastic and responsible manner.